Spring 2020 Registration


Dear ASA Parents, Players and Coaches,

COVID-19 update:
First and foremost is the health and safety of our kids, families, fans and everyone involved with our program. ASA, just as every other organization and group, does not have all the facts to make definite decisions at this time. We will continue to provide periodic updates as we monitor the situation. Many questions you might have cannot be answered at this time. Please allow us to spend our time and efforts on making these decisions. It’s obvious the situation is changing daily.
Here’s what we know now: 1) When it is deemed to be safe, we plan to play the Spring season, just starting later than originally scheduled. 2) We will use contingency plans for the season if we need to implement them. 3) The City of Amarillo has advised that as of now the absolute earliest availability of field usage will be April 18th. As with everything else involved in this situation, that date is subject to change to a later date. 4) Lastly, for now, regarding practicing: Coaches have been advised to cancel all practices as directed by COVID-19 Executive Orders 1-4 enacted by Governor Abbot on 03/19/2020. Periodic updates will follow as the situation develops and changes.


ASA Executive Board 

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