Head Referee- Jose Garcia

Referee Assignor- Gina Westbrook


You will likely be receiving emails from the gameofficials network that it is time for you to recertify as a Referee for 2016. Your 2015 registration is good for the remainder of the fall season, but if you plan to referee in the spring, you must complete your 2016 registration prior to January 31, 2016. Therefore, now is a good time to start your on-line recertification process. Also, remember that it will take around 4-6 weeks for 2016 books and badges to be mailed to the referees, so begin this process now.

Registering for 2016 does not apply to referees who completed a clinic after July 2015, since they should already be registered for 2016.

If you are 16 years old or older, I would also encourage you to consider upgrading your registration to a Grade 7. This can also be done on-line. The Grade 7 badge will allow you to do games all the way to adult level. Call or email if you have any questions about this.

Please follow the steps below to re certify for 2016:
1) Click on this link: Recertifications and Upgrades

2) Look for either ” Referee Grade 8 Recertification” or “Grade 7 Online Upgrade (2016 Registration)”

3) A new page opens. For grade 7 upgrades choose course #13424. For Grade 8 recertification, there is only one course option. Once you select the course, you will need to click the “Click Here” link to register.

4) You will then need your GameOfficials login. There is an option tab for those of you who may have forgotten your username of password.

For anyone who has not previously registered through GameOfficials, select “New User?” option. Select the “I am a CURRENTLY registered or USED TO BE registered” link. The default login is R+your 16 digit USSF ID# (no spaces); Password is your LAST NAME (all CAPS). If you have problems with this, you can contact me directly.

5) Once you are logged in on GameOfficials, your should be taken directly to the, registration link for that course. So select “Register for this Course”

6) Complete payment for registration. Risk Management and Registration payment are all completed online through GameOfficials. Only credit card, Mastercard or VISA, or pre-paid MC or Visa may be accepted for payment.

Once you have completed your test with a passing score, your registration should be confirmed. You should receive your 2016 Law Book and Badge from USSF within 4-6 weeks.

If you have any questions or problems, please just call me at 806-341-4415 or drop me an email at

Jose Garcia
North Texas Referee Area Administrator

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